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Beverley is a talented and dynamic Presenter, with over 2000 hours of live TV experience. She can be relied upon to bring a polished and professional performance to a variety of roles including hosting live events, TV and corporate videos.
A successful model since 1997 Beverley is a natural in front of the camera and her warm and friendly personality will win over any audience and add value to your project.


Tracy Moores, Director, Lifestyle Looks, NSW, Australia

An engaging Host and Compere, always polished and professional, Beverley can be relied upon to do a fantastic job hosting a variety of live events of any size.

Nicola Stansfield, Director for ETV and ITN, London UK

Beverley is a dream to direct, she has a warm engaging personality that simply lights up the screen.  Happy to stick tightly to script or ad-lib as necessary.  A confident, charismatic host who makes her celebrity guests feel right at home.

Brian Dowling TV Presenter and co-host of The Mint for ITV, UK

No other co-host has the ability to read my mind like Bev!  4 hours of live, unscripted, television a night can be challenging but her infectious personality made working on the show one of the highlights of my career.  Charming, loyal and very funny, can't wait to work with her again.

Lulu Prutton: Senior Producer, Channel 5, UK

I produced Beverley for 2 live-shows over a number of years. She was always a pleasure to work with, had a natural affinity with viewers, took direction very well and was able to adapt her style to suit a variety of guests and audiences.

Adrian Swift Head of Content and Creative Development at the ABC, NSW, Australia.

Beverley has a natural warmth that penetrates the screen, audiences young and old just love her!